Continue providing your patients with quality care while avoiding the 4% payment adjustment with Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

Our dedicated team of PQRS experts will help you choose the right measures, assist with generating reports, and offer customized packages for PQRS reporting, designed to keep you up to par with industry standards.

What is PQRS?

PQRS is a government-mandated program designed to ensure that all providers participate in the improvement of medical reporting and its overall quality. It uses incentives and penalties to encourage eligible professionals to report quality measures to Medicare. For more information click here

The 3 high-level steps for participation in PQRS are:

Step 1 - Reporting and Participation:

EPs submit quality measures data

Report on quality measures

Step 2 - Analysis:

CMS analyzes quality measures data

CMS analyzes data for incentive and payment adjustment

Step 3 - Results and Feedback:

EPs receive feedback reports on 1) whether they satisfactorily reported AND 2) whether they are incentive eligible or subject to the payment adjustment

  • Receive feedback report and notice of negative or downward payment adjustment

  • Receive feedback report indicatingneutral (no downward payment adjustment but also no incentive)

  • Receive feedback report and incentive payment or notice of upward adjustment

Source: www.cms.gov

How much is the penalty for non-compliance?

In the 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule, CMS finalized its proposal to base 2016 PQRS penalties off of 2014 reporting. Based on the PQRS guidelines, the penalty for not reporting PQRS in 2016 are as follows:

Our part in helping you achieve PQRS measures

Here's what we can do!

Our dedicated PQRS team of experts will help you participate and successfully report for PQRS

We offer the following services:

We have over 180 measures to offer this year, 44 of which are new measures.

Meditab offers the following packages with its corresponding supported methods of reporting:

Plus, there's more!

To keep up with the growing regulatory demands of the healthcare industry, IMS now supports PQRS Group Reporting!

To help you easily report to 2016 PQRS, we now offer:

We stay connected with you throughout your entire PQRS journey.

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