Controlled Substance Prescribing

E-prescribe Schedule II-V controlled substances with Intelligent Medical Software EPCS

Intelligent Medical Software is now a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Surescripts-certified solution for e-prescribing controlled substances (EPCS).

By integrating controlled substance prescribing in the existing workflow of e-prescribing, Intelligent Medical Software provides a seamless, consistent user experience for providers who have come to rely on Intelligent Medical Software to efficiently and effectively care for patients.

To help prevent controlled substances abuse, Intelligent Medical Software follows all actions mandated by the DEA. IMSClientConnect portal allows providers to initiate a remote identity proofing event, conducted in partnership with Exostar via Experian or from a live web cam video. Each provider receives a unique OTP hardware token, reducing the risk for unauthorized access while ensuring compliance and accountability. The e-Prescribing workflow of Intelligent Medical Software automatically applies a digital signature when the provider is ready to submit the prescription.

Intelligent Medical Software EPCS is Fully SECURE

Integrated and Easy-To-Use Solution

E-prescription for Controlled substance is now approved in all the states.

E-prescribing for all medications including Controlled substances is now mandatory in NY State

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