Electronic Prior Authorization

Expedite prior authorization (PA) and manage requests from your EHR software at no cost to you! If you are using the latest version of IMS, login to Client Connect to access the latest user guides

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Electronic Prior Authorization: Saving time, reducing costs

Maximize PA approvals with minimal effort. IMS is integrated with CoverMyMed’s electronic prior authorization (ePA) functionality bringing ePA into your e-prescribing workflow.

ePA eliminates the risks of prescription abandonment and delayed patient treatment.

By using ePA in your EHR system, you cut the back-and-forth process of getting prescription approval from the payers. This then leads to a faster communication with pharmacies.

With PA requests managed directly from your EHR system, you eliminate paper clutter, forms, phone calls and endless fax chasing with pharmacies and insurance companies. This not only saves time, but also reduces your overall administrative costs.



Real-time PA responses

Start an ePA at the time of prescribing. Expect faster determinations. With manual PA, you may receive surprise rejections that will extend the process further, causing more delays for you and your patients. ePA in IMS provides real-time approval process for your patients’ prescriptions helping them get faster access to their medications, with little to no hassle. It serves as a clinical decision support partner for e-prescribing, allowing you to proactively complete a PA.

Start managing prior authorizations from IMS today

Learn more about how ePA can enhance your e-prescribing workflow. ePA is free for IMS users. If you are on the December 2015 (12122015) build or later please login to client connect for the latest user guides to get started now. To determine what build you are using, click here.

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