Our Competitive Edge

Own Your Data

Unlike some software companies that restrict data access, we give our clients the option to install their data on their own servers or we can host it remotely. Clinics that opt for hosted service have the option to download their data at a future date for a nominal fee.

Reasonable Purchase Options

We give our clients the option to acquire the software with a monthly lease or up-front purchase, as desired. Our licensing model is based on the number of providers and not the total number of users or staff. Our pricing and lease options keep us ahead of competition on a cost by cost basis. And unlike some software companies, we do not charge you for the number of patients you see.

Completely Integrated Software

In addition to a complete suite of ART Clinic modules, we provide complete Practice Management, Billing and Financial Management, Electronic Health Records, eRx, Patient Portal, Patient App, Patient Reminders, Provider’s Mobile App, Interfaces to Labs and Registries, all integrated into one system.

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