Advancing healthcare delivery of fertility practices by integrating laboratory, clinical, and administrative operations into a single platform.

At FertilityEHR, we believe in developing a cutting-edge solution that meets the unique system-flow of the ART industry. A subsidiary of Meditab Software, Inc., an affiliate of MedPharm Services, FertilityEHR was designed hand-in-hand with fertility practitioners and founded upon Meditab’s mission to create industry-leading, intuitive technology solutions that enable healthcare providers to focus on the more important things: their practice and their patients.

We continuously develop convenient and effective tools to simplify the process of clinical documentation, increase staff productivity, and provide real-time delivery of patient information throughout all areas of the clinic. FertilityEHR empowers practices to maintain an optimal workflow, offers the ability to automate operations, and ultimately increases revenue while meeting patient demands and delivering the best possible care.

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