FertilityEHR is the brand name of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) for the fertility specialty. IMS is a tightly integrated software system that consists of different modules designed for different departments within a medical practice.

FertilityEHR is a feature-rich, easy-to-use software system for fertility treatment centers with a high level of customization.

ART Lab Management

A comprehensive package for the fertility domain, ART Lab Management module covers all of the key requirements for management of a modern Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinic.

Patient Cycle Management

This module will help manage procedure cycles, including IVF, ICSI, Donor with STIM Start date, and BCP Start Date. Options include the ability to review the patient's previous cycles.

Chain of Custody

Our Chain of Custody function will ensure that all exchanges between entities in the clinic are properly documented. All tracking and transfer activity will become part of the patient's chart.


This module will help document and manage the cryo storage inventory, both within and outside of your clinic. Easily monitor the status of each and every tissue sample collected from patients for cryopreservation, and eventual thawing--a complete history.

ART Dashboard

Embryology and Andrology staff can monitor and plan their activities and schedules based on the summary information provided by the ART Dashboard, which is designed to help manage all activities related to the 6 day life cycle of the embryo.

Fertility Package Management

This module provides for financial component management by categorization of all procedures, based on the cycle type. The benefit to your office is that you will be able to track and manage cash flow through the cycles in a timely fashion.

Cycle Management

This module will help manage procedure cycles, including IVF, ICSI, Donor with STIM Start date, and BCP Start Date. Options include the ability to review the patient's previous cycles.

STIM Sheet

Make better decisions for your patient's stimulation cycle with STIM Sheet. This module is our integrated solution for the following tasks:

STIM Sheet is integrated with our EHR which means that you can access various modules — Prescription, Lab results, Ultrasound — all at one place, giving you a complete presentation of your patient's progress.

IVF Calendar

The IVF Calendar allows you to create an IVF Schedule template and assign it to your patient. It also provides automatic calculation for data based on the specified days and dates. You can also view the Appointments and Prescriptions in IVF Calendar.

Ultrasound Interface

Our ultrasound module gives you the flexibility to enter the measurements manually as well as import them from the device making recording measurement much easier. IMS is integrated with Sonix Touch Q+ device and is currently supporting the following exams: Pelvic, OB 1st Trimester and OB 2nd & 3rd Trimester.

Lab/Diagnostic Interface

Establish Lab interfaces using the HL7 industry standard. Clinics can send and receive lab tests electronically, providing discrete data points in the patient's record. Applicable lab test results are automatically added to the patient's STIM Sheet.

Patient/Partner Chart Switching

Easily navigate between linked accounts. Our chart switching capability makes it easy to manage both charts without having to close and re-open one or the other. With one click users can conveniently move between linked partners.

Quick Billing

Based on selected packages, the system will automatically create bills and print detailed receipt for services rendered during the visit, directly from the Check Out screen.

Electronic Health Records

IMS Clinical is a user-friendly, dually-certified EHR solution that is proven to meet and exceed the ambulatory practice needs. It offers complete functionality, including Clinical Decision Support, Flow Charts, Health Maintenance, Chronic Care Management, ePrescribing, Labs and more.

Practice Management

IMS Manager is a comprehensive practice management solution that includes Scheduling, Authorizations & Referrals, Patient Tracking, Revenue Cycle Management, Reports, Alerts & Reminders, Meaningful Use Dashboards and more. IMS empowers users to streamline operations, optimize workflow, identify inefficiencies, track receipts, enhance revenues, and maximize patient satisfaction.

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